THE TIME OF LIFE / VREMIA ZHIZNI (in the film anthology “Horizon No. 21”)
USSR, Tsentrnauchfilm, 1979, 28 minutes
Scriptwriter and director: Semyon Raitburt
The film features: Daniil Granin
The narrator: Boris Chirkov
Based on the novella “This Strange Life” by Daniil Granin.
Granin tells about the life of the biologist Aleksandr Lyubishchev. Based on the scientist’s diaries, the writer reconstructs his time tracking system.

November 27, Saturday
The Kuleshov Effect (1969)
Nine Letters of One Year (1975)
The Time of Life (1979)

Films will be presented by the sound engineer of the film “The Kuleshov Effect” Natalia Roginskaya.
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