IN THE CROOKED MIRROR / V KRIVOM ZERKALE (in the film anthology “Horizon No. 30”)
USSR, Tsentrnauchfilm, 1982, 19 minutes
Scriptwriter and director: Semyon Raitburt
Cast: Innokenty Smoktunovsky (the scientist), Irina Kalinovskaya (a vacationer); E. Andrienko
Based on the short story A Lesson in Telepathy by Vladimir Soloukhin.
A woman recalls a notable incident that happened to her in a holiday home. In the evening, she, along with other vacationers, watched a TV show about electric fields, human biofield, and telepathy. Gradually everyone dispersed, she remained alone in the hall, and suddenly one of the program participants appeared next to her.

November 16, Tuesday
Physics and Tragedians
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The Mathematician and the Devil (1972)
In the Crooked Mirror (1982)

The films will be presented by the chief editor of the Lenfilm studio, film critic Andrey Apostolov.
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