Russian Empire, The E. Osh and A. Khanzhonkov Trading house, 1908, 13 minutes
Scriptwriter and director: Vasily Goncharov
Cameraman: Vladimir Siversen
Designer: Vatslav Fester
Cast: Aleksandra Goncharova, Elena Fadeeva, Vasily Stepanov, Andrey Gromov, Lydia Tridenskaya, Pyotr Chardynin, Pavel Biryukov, Ivan Kamsky, Ivan Potemkin, Maria Tokarskaya
In the late 1900s, the Russian national film repertoire was just beginning to take shape. The audience gladly welcomed stories taken from Russian history, folklore, and literature. With their simplicity, accessibility, and catchy design, such “film illustrations” resembled “lubok”, popular prints: they told about the life of the past, about traditions and rituals. The film based on a play by Pavel Sukhonin was directed by Vasily Goncharov, the main master of the historical costume genre of that period.
According to the plot, a young man falls in love with a girl he meets by chance, not realizing that she is the bride chosen by his parents. All the shooting, except for outdoor scenes, took place on the stage of the Vvedensky People's House (now the Palace on the Yauza), from the troupe of which the cast and crew of Khanzhonkov's company was formed.

Arina Ranneva
Based on Pavel Sukhonin’s play “A Russian Wedding at the End of the 16th Century”.
The bride and groom did not see each other before the wedding. The groom, who is displeased about this, is elated to recognize his beloved in his young wife.

November 20, Saturday
Drama in a Gypsy Camp Near Moscow (1908)
16th Century Russian Wedding (1908)
The Lady With the Camelias (1909)
The Death of Ivan the Terrible (1909)

The films will be presented by the director of the festival Nadezhda Stepanova and the program director of the Khudozhestvenny (Art) cinema Stas Tyrkin.
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