THE MATHEMATICIAN AND THE DEVIL / MATEMATIK I CHERT (in the film anthology “Horizon No. 2”
USSR, Tsentrnauchfilm, 1972, 21 minutes
Scriptwriter and director: Semyon Raitburt
Sound director: Aleksandr Romanov
Cast: Vsevolod Shestakov, Aleksandr Kaydanovsky, Alla Pokrovskaya
Based on the short story by Arthur Porges “The Devil and Simon Flagg”.
A mathematician is ready to sell his soul to solve Fermat’s theorem. As soon as he voices this desire, the Devil appears in the room. To get the soul of a mathematician, the Devil himself decides to find solution of the theorem. He cannot do it, but in the process of solving the theorem, the Devil begins to take a great interest in mathematics.

November 16, Tuesday
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The films will be presented by the chief editor of the Lenfilm studio, film critic Andrey Apostolov.
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