NINE LETTERS OF ONE YEAR / DEVIAT' PISEM ODNOGO GODA (in the film anthology “Horizon No. 9”)
USSR, Tsentrnauchfilm, 1975, 20 minutes
Scriptwriter and director: Semyon Raitburt
Composer: Vladimir Krivtsov
Cast: A. Presnyakov, Anatoly Cherepashchuk
Based on the letters of Anatoly Cherepashchuk.
A schoolboy from the city of Syzran writes letters to a scientist about his attempts to assemble a reflector telescope. He asks for the lenses for his observation device and in the following letters tells how the work is going. One day, with the help of his telescope, a young scientist discovers a new comet.

November 27, Saturday
The Kuleshov Effect (1969)
Nine Letters of One Year (1975)
The Time of Life (1979)

Films will be presented by the sound engineer of the film “The Kuleshov Effect” Natalia Roginskaya.
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